About Us

1) Experience
I have over 14 years of cleaning textiles and have encountered and corrected most of the challenges facing todays cleaners

2) References
Whether it be from my peers, or my professional suppliers & vendors I come highly recommended.

3) Fair Pricing
We charge a legitimate price for our work, yet it is affordable for everyone.

4) Detail Detail Detail
Did I mention detail ?
Our company is owner operated and I am totally detail oriented, I clean your carpets, furniture, and hard surfaces like they are my own, and I have high standards

5) Money Back Guarantee
You heard it right. Not Satisfied? Don't pay. Of course we would like a chance to reclean it if possible, But Our Guarantee Sticks.

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  • Fill out our form to request an estimate of services; anything from the typical carpet cleaning, tile cleaning, to pet order removal, or even area rug cleaning.